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Luis Martinez

Kali Instructor

What Is Kali Abtik?

Knife, Stick and everyday objects may be used as weapons of self-defense and although a separate subject from, are quite interwoven with empty-hand methods or an extension thereof. Kali Abtik a modern method with a strong traditional root that includes influences from Boxing and JKD. Kali Abtik is an art that includes both edged and impact weapons, drilling and freestyle sparring with padded weapons and safety gear. Kali Abtik also includes CQD/Mano-Mano techniques designed for defense against weapons and close quarter defense. Guro Stewart considers Kali Abtik to be directly inspired from Guro Ted’s Kali, with emphasis on “Abtik”. Abtik is defined as the use of explosive stepping, pivoting and sinking or raising to power and time the stroke.


Lineage of Kali Abtik

Lucky Lucaylucay
Leo Giron
Angel Cabalas
Ben Largusa
Dan Inosanto

Ted Lucaylucay  (Lucaylucay Kali)

Mark Stewart (Kali Abtik)

Luis Martinez (Kali Abtik)
Guro Luis is a Senior Level 5 Instructor under Guro Mark Stewart of Boxer Rebellion International, founder of Kali Abtik.
Guro Luis has been a private student of Guro Mark Stewart since 1999, training in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kali Abtik, Hybrid Stand up Fighting and Def-Tac. His heart is with Kali Obtik. Coming form a Boxing background Luis brings a unique style of training. Luis is also a practitioner of Uechi Ryu Karate and Silat.
Professional Life:

Luis is a proud father and works as a professional painter.

Kali Abtik - Senior Instructor Level 5


Jeet Kune Do - Senior Instructor Level 5


Hybrid Stand up Fighting - Senior Instructor Level 5


American Combat Kempo - Black Belt


Archipelago Combatives - Black Belt


Maiz Method Boxing - Coach


Kali is highly developed and further extends the range and intensity of combat. As Dan himself has said, “JKD opened our eyes to Kali and Kali opened our eyes to JKD.” As a perfect vehicle with methods of development in all the critical ranges of combat, Kali can express JKD seamlessly! With Ted’s family ties to the Filipino arts and as a natural vehicle to express Jeet Kune Do, Ted naturally gravitated toward Kali. Thus Ted Lucaylucay Kali/JKD.


John Doevisitors / businessman

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